ETHOS: The relief and assistance of girls and women fearing FGM Female Genital Mutilation, early marriage and or poverty in Kenya and  Nigeria.


The aim of this small local charity is to identify and assist women of any  age to achieve a helping hand in gaining education, training and employment  to change their and the families future.

We are working in Ortum Kenya and Nigeria to sponsor girls to fulfil their dreams of getting an education, to gain financial independence and to have choices about their lives.

Some photos of the people we have helped so far

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Jean Anderson

One Woman At A Time was founded by Jean Anderson, a retired midwife with 35 years' experience. Here is her story:

"I went to Kenya in 2012 with Beyond FGM Charity as an observer and to see the work of Cath Holland in Ortum Pokot, Kenya.

Whilst there, a lady called Margaret Lolimas became very sick after childbirth. I transported her to the local Kenyan hospital for more surgery with her husband and mother.

Unfortunately thee weeks later she died. Cath and I returned to the UK with the idea of teaching the tribal midwives care.

On my return to Kenya, I then found the children of Margaret in dire straits, with the husband's new wife taking precedent.

I have since taken on the role of sponsoring her children after finding them malnourished and in need of support. The aim of my sponsorship was to prevent these two girls being cut and given away in early marriage to support the boys in the family. By the time they are educated, hopefully FGM will be not done in their area of the country.

In 2012 I liased with their father to educate the two girls and the eldest boy to Ortum boarding school where they will stay for five years."