ETHOS: The relief and assistance of girls and women fearing FGM Female Genital Mutilation, early marriage and or poverty in Kenya and  Nigeria.

The People's Stories

Here are some examples of the people we are hoping to help and have already helped:

Divinah Cherop

This young girl is 21 years old (born 1996) and has two children. She lives alone at mission houses. She is single and needy. Her mother has just died and her father is insisting she leaves and has Fgm next month and gets married. As she has refused, no one will marry her so he has thrown her out.

She is fighting to better her education to bring herself and children a better life. She has now gone back to school in Form 4 and is doing her exams. She is willing to join nursing.

And we want to find a sponsor to help her with training to become a nurse.

Divinah CheropDivinah CheropDivinah Cherop

Three Girls Who Ran Away

These three girls ran away from their homes when they found they were to have FGM.

Salome on the right.  She was bringing water from the river and her friend told her the old man visiting in her hut was arranging the transportation of cows which her family had unbeknown to her had agreed as a dowry and she was to have FGM in readiness for  the marriage. As she didn’t believe her she crept back up to the hut and listened and learnt of her fate.

She found the courage the next day to run away even though she had never left her visage on was going into the unknown.

She travelled to village to village for three months until she  was found and handed to the refuge. On being returned to her parents she was told she was no longer their daughter as she had brought shame to the family.

The refuge has been her home for three years and she is now in further education.

Our ideal is these girls in refuge will be offered sponsorship to enter nursing school or further eduction.

Three Girls Who Ran Away


Mercy was a fishermans wife in Niger, Nigeria who had nine children and was found by my partner Jack being lifted up the mountain side in labour in a wheelbarrow to hospital as there was no transport.

He gave her a lift and she arrived and in five minutes birthed a big baby boy which she proudly called Black Jack after him.

When we visited ten days later and asked if she could like some mosquito nets she declined and asked instead would it be possible to have two goats.  The mosquito nets will rot but two goats make three goats was her reply.

Within a year she had made her own money and was looking forward to breeding more.

MercyGoats for Black Jack

Iyang Isaiah Ekpeyong

Iyang is a three year old Nigerian girl who suffers the stigma of albinism. Her father is a security guard who earns just £23 a month as cant care for her.

In the rural area she lives this is seen as a sign of being a witch and no school will accept her. She is also at risk of being stolen as this is really hard even for me to write… but she can be used in witchcraft as potions for good luck and healing.

She has been taken in by Marthas Dream, a local charity working in Nigeria.

One Woman At A Time has promised when funds are available to be able to sponsor more children with Albinism and to help with their community education and training.

Iyang Isaiah Ekpeyong


Mark was born on the 1st April 2005 at Uzuakoli, Abia State, Nigeria. Mark was born after 2 siblings had died both within 12 months of being born. Mark's mother and father seperated due to the mother insisting she was a witch. She told her husband she couldn't repent because her father was a native doctor and would die if she confessed to this.

Mark's father sent him away with his mother but in 2008 she sent him back. Mark was sent to several schools but everytime, the schools refused to educate him due to his disruptive behaviour. Mark's father re married but his second wife died, 8 months into her pregnancy. Due to the belief that Mark is to blame for this death due to evil spirits within him, he has been abandoned and left to fend for himself. This includes sleeping in the street and begging food from whoever has pity on him.

When Mark tries to find shelter away from the street he is often chased away or manhandled. As you see here Mark was found chained to the post so that he couldn’t touch anyone and create a spell. No child in this day and age should be subjected to these conditions. For the boy's safety we have changed his real name.

Mark ChainedMark ChainedMark Chained

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